10 compelling MBA dissertation topics in business ethics

Understanding business ethics is vital for anyone who is working on an MBA degree. People who are unethical in their business practices, might succeed in the short term, but in the long term, they will suffer consequences. As students take business ethics classes, they learn about the code of conduct that many businesses use everyday. These codes explain how employees interact with each other and how they interact with their clients. To better understand the complexity of business ethics at the master’s level, students are assigned a dissertation so they can delve deeply into the topic.

Here are several topic ideas that could help your create a quality project:

  1. Should female employees be given more time off to care for newborn babies?
  2. Should companies purchase products from other companies that do not practice business ethics?
  3. Should companies that manufacture addictive or dangerous products (like sugary and/or fattening foods, handguns, or prescription medication) be forced to contribute money to research those results of those substances?
  4. Should cellphone companies share the results of cancer research and their phones to the general public?
  5. Should companies use health care programs that pay for their employees to go to health clubs, yoga studios, and other fitness locations?
  6. Should companies in the US rely on the federal government to help bail them out if they get into financial trouble?
  7. Should small businesses fall under the same recall rules as global corporations?
  8. Should CEOs and other business leaders be paid salaries that are several times larger than the rest of the employees?
  9. Should companies like amusement parks have different safety regulations based on the state where the park is located?
  10. Should public entities like schools and government offices be allowed to hire-out services from private companies?

When you are working on creating a topic for your business ethics dissertation. There are several conditions to consider. It is vital to think of a topic that applies to the current business world. While it is still timely to discuss sexual harassment in the workplace, it might not be timely to discuss the relationships between secretaries and bosses. The topic should be clever but appropriately academic. If you can captivate your reader, your grade will show it. Finally, the topic should be detailed so you can actually write about it.

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