6 Important Rules for Organizing a Front Page of a Dissertation in a Proper Way

The front page of dissertation can seem, at first glance, to be a daunting task but, in reality, it's a very straightforward thing to put together. Let's have a look at what you need to do and take the worry out of it.

  1. The dissertation or thesis title should be centered 2 inches below the top of the page and be in capital letters.
  2. 1 inch below the title you should place your name without any titles, identifiers or degrees. Your name doesn't have to match university records but you might want to think about how you want it to appear on future work and use that version.
  3. 1 inch below your name and centered you should place the statement: A dissertation/ thesis submitted to the faculty at the University of ( university name) at ( town/ city) in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of ( insert degree) in the (department/ program name) in the ( named school).

Notes on this statement:

  • Use the full degree name in the second bracketed space and no abbreviations. For example, Doctor of Philosophy, not Ph.D. or Master of Social Work, not M.S.W.
  • In the third bracket, use your curriculum, school or department rather than your subject.
  • Should you wish to include your school name and department then place your school name at the end of the statement.
  • The name of the town or city should be placed 1 inch below the statement and centered.
  • Centered, and a single line below that should be the year when your committee approved the completion of the dissertation/ thesis. This doesn't have to be the year you graduate from the university.
  • 1 inch below the year and approximately two-thirds of the way across the page on the right-hand side you should include the phrase "Approved by:" which is followed by the faculty members names. All names should be lined up with the 'A' in 'Approved'. If more than one then they need to be underneath each other and double spaced. Again, do not include any identifiers or titles such as 'advisor' or Ph.D. etc.

In addition to these 6 rules, there should be no signatures, signature lines or page numbers included.

So there you go that wasn't that difficult, was it? As long as you apply these structural rules to your thesis/ dissertation paper you will be making the right impression the first time and be well on the way to attaining the marks all the hard work you put in deserve. For more information read more here. Good luck.

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