A collection of interesting French history dissertation topics

A few things to think about when choosing your topic are that it isn't too broad a subject. If it is you will find it hard to cover everything and lose the will to live half way through as it will look like an insurmountable task. Try to narrow your subject down to a specific time period rather than talking about the entire history of the French Royal family, speak about a particular century.
Choose a topic you like and are interested in. This will keep you motivated and more importantly keep the reader interested in what you have to say.
Once you've done all that you can begin to research areas which are not too broad and have enough available resources to write a decent dissertation on. Here is a list of some interesting dissertations on French history dissertation topics you might look at.

  1. Assessing the French colonial legacy: A study into contemporary Algerian unrest
  2. A study of the art of the Paris Mtro.
  3. Celebrating hardships and history through song: Critical responses to the cinematic release of Les Misrables.
  4. English Policy in Gascony c.1413-1437
  5. The Search for a New Left Wing Politics: Europe and the French Socialist Party 1971-1994
  6. Representations of Joan of Arc in French Schools, c.1880 – 1914
  7. The Impact and Influence of French Socialism on the Paris Peace Conference, 1919
  8. Egyptology, French Romantic Nationalism and the Oriental Crisis of 1839-1840
  9. The harkis in France since the 1960s: local experiences, national discourse
  10. The Ideas of the French Revolutionary Left c. 1871-1881
  11. The Muslim Algerian deputies in the French National Assembly, 1958-1962
  12. What role did Public Opinion play in the formation of French foreign policy from June 1791 to January 1792
  13. Memory, discrimination, and integration: a study of the 17 October 1961 massacre of Algerians in Paris
  14. The Limits of De-christianisation: Religion and Revolution in the District of Montpellier, 1789-99
  15. The Idea of an International Order in the Political Thought of the Abbé de Mably
  16. Les Oubliés de l'Histoire - Les Harkis. A history Distorted by official narratives
  17. The French Pantheon 1791. Re-defining the dynamics of power in public art
  18. A Holy Nation, a peculiar people": Religion, region, and nation in medieval Brittany
  19. Noble Obligation and Political Imagination in ninth-century Carolingian Francia
  20. Language, tradition, modernity: the rhetoric of Breton regionalist identity 1898-1945

By looking at these topics you will start to get a feel for what is required from you and how to apply what they have done to your own research and final written piece. If nothing else they will be a great resource for source material to gather information from. Good luck.

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